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We believe it’s the little things that really make a house feel like a home and keeping it comfortable is one of them. Here are a few of our insights on how to be warm and cosy this winter – and make your house a home .

Add Layers To Your Wooden Floors
Rugs and Carpets were created for a reason that’s more than just sparking up the room! Research has shown that placing a rug on your creaky wooden floor keeps a room 10% warmer than it would without. Not only are they very good at trapping the heat, but they also make the room feel that little bit cosier.

Do Away With Drafts.
There’s no point in focusing on keeping a room warm if you have the draft coming in from another that's cold. At next to nothing you could invest in some draft stoppers or even make your own! Gaps blast through cold air so this is the best way to keep the cold outside where it should be.

Sun Is Rare In NZ Winter – Cherish It!
Once the sun is up catch as much of its free heat as possible. Open your curtains and let the natural heat burst through your windows. This is a great tip for anyone wanting warmth on a budget. However, make sure you close them once that sun goes down for extra insulation.

Is Your Couch In The Right Place?
A lot of us kiwis like to move our sofas as close to the heater as possible, but is this really getting your living room to the warmest it can be? Although your feet might be toasty warm, keeping your couch close to heating is not only preventing the heat from making its way around the room, it’s also causing damage to your couch! Move this back to where it used to be, let the warmth travel and warm your feet with a nice pair of fluffy socks.

Remember – You Have An Oven!
It’s one that is usually missed, but baking and cooking with the oven will keep your house warm. Not only will it make your house smell deliciously of home cooked meals and fresh cookies but the warmth will circulate around your kitchen and other nearby rooms.

It’s Time To Bring Out Those Winter Sheets.
As much as they make you feel like not getting out of bed in the morning and getting on with your day, winter sheets are the key to being warm and cosy. If you don’t have them already, we recommend investing in these! Whether they be flannel sheets or fleece sheets we promise these will be the icing on the cake this winter. A hot water bottle can also work wonders. Place this under the covers a while before bedtime, and once you hop in, take it all in.

Scented Candles Don’t Only Smell Good.
A scented candle is a great way to lighten the mood this winter. Choose a warm, wintery scent to really make a sense of comfort. If you feel like going the extra mile, you may also like to pair this with a nice set of white lights to work wonders in creating that warm and cosy vibe people long for this season.

It’s All About YOU!
The house doesn’t care if it’s a little chilly, but you care if you’re cold! Being comfortable is key. Bring out those thick blankets, cosy slippers, warm pajamas & dressing gowns. Sip on a nice hot chocolate put on a movie and sit in front of that burning fire. Winter is not all bad, cherish the great parts!


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