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Our guide to presenting your home at its finest this season. 

When it comes to putting your house on the market in the winter season, one of the most common thoughts is “It’s not the best time, we’ll wait until spring”. Well think again! Although the conditions are a culprit for property marketing this season, Winter can be the best time of year to sell your home if it is maintained and presented correctly! As there are less properties on the market, it means fewer choices for your buyers and with these quick tips you can turn your home into the winter wonderland, making your home exterior look the most desirable. 

Deal with the Driveway
Your driveway is one of the first aspects buyers see so keep an eye on it. With the cold winds and rain here in NZ it can be hard to maintain constant cleanliness, but it can be done! In occasions when the sun is up, get yourself out there with the broom or rake at the ready and work on the inviting path towards your front door.

Spotless & Sparkling
Is the surface of your house looking a little green? The water blaster is your best friend this winter! Make sure you clear away all Moss, Mold & Mildew to make your house appear clean and fresh despite the conditions. A clean home is a happy home, lets nail the street appeal.

Windows to Watch & Doors to Dust
Washing windows & doors is never fun when it’s cold, but it’s time to wipe of the winter grime and let the sun shine through. If you have any cracks in your windows then get caulking, A home with air leaks is a like a coat left unbuttoned. Don’t let the cold in!

Gunk in the Gutter
It may not be a glamorous job, but it must be done. As the leaves continue to fall they block our Drains and Gutters preventing rain water flowing through which causes damage, so let’s give these a clean. Why not trim back a few of those tree branches as well to somewhat help any future damage.

Create a Welcoming Entrance
It’s the day to day maintenance that helps keep our home look well cared for. When the weather is good, give your lawns a mow and maybe place those plants in some coloured pots to brighten up the garden. Now stand out on the street and have a look, make your home look enticing!

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